American Dream

It is a controversial issue whether the American Dream is only a dream or there is a possibility that we can realize it. In the book “The American Dream, Alive or on Hold” Brandon King describes his opinion about the issue. The author wishes to convince the readers that the American Dream is not a myth and anyone who wants it to come true can really achieve it.

King believes that in our days we change the ways of the American Dream’s achievement. He states that majority of people no longer strive to the high-class way of life but try to achieve and keep a middle-class level instead. King also includes the summary of his surveys to show that we can choose how to live in a modern society. It is not about changing for poverty instead of wealth but how to save enough money for our needs in the future. For example, in a modern world people tend to rent a house rather than buy it.

Usually the question about the American Dream occurs when the country has economic problems. King notes that despite huge losses of the state money and the unemployment rate, Americans still believe in the great idea of the American Dream. While reading the article, there appears the following feeling: if everyone follows their heart's desires, it will lead to the improvement of the American economy and level of life in general. Also, it will help to achieve success that a person determines for him/herself.

The author did a great job to make his article valuable because he confirms his ideas with quotations from many sources. To convince his audience King appeals to the logic and reasoning. He analyzes different points of view and explains whether he agrees with the opinion or not.

According to the opinion of society, the American Dream is the possession of real estate or wish to have money that arises because of a normal human desire to satisfy the needs. Of course, we should accumulate some money for the future, but we are not immortal and there is no need to save all the money we can. Every time someone chooses to follow the American Dream he should think whether he needs it in real.

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